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Tricor Restoration is a general contracting firm with over thirty years of experience in the roofing and general contracting business. With headquarters in Arizona, Tricor Restoration is a company that is well established and known for our reliability and service with our clients. We specialize all facets of commercial restoration and construction whether the job is a simple restoration claim or a complete ground-up vertical development.

Tricor Restoration prides itself on its reputation and will work diligently for you using our expertise and knowledge to get the job done right. As a general contractor it is our responsibility to organize, schedule, and ensure quality control on behalf of our clients.

Clients that utilize our restoration services are free to get back to their normal day to day operations without having to deal with the insurance company. Tricor Restoration will assist with the claim mediation process and insure that your property is returned to its’ pre-loss condition. Our expertise and knowledge of the insurance claim process virtually assures owners that they will receive the maximum award settlement that they deserve. We are able to assist in identifying potential claims as well.

If you feel you have a claim, call us and we will send one of our experienced property evaluators to provide you with a free no obligation inspection of your property.

About Project Development

From the feasibility stage all the way up through completion, Tricor Restoration will tailor to your needs and deliver the project that you have been envisioning. We are dedicated to providing quality service to each and every customer to ensure that every detail of the project is taken care of. Tricor Restoration ensures that projects meet budget and time constraints, with real time accurate project status and issue management. If there is something that arises, we put forth all of our resources to ensure

that your project does not fall off schedule. We have the visibility and control needed to deliver clients with their projects in an efficient manner in order to improve proficiency, profitability, and operational efficiency. Whether it is a simple renovation or a completely new build, you can count on Tricor Restoration to provide you with a high level of service that you will be satisfied with in its entirety.

Why Hire Tricor Restoration?

A loss to your business or residential property can be a traumatic and disruptive event. Worse yet, many people find that the frustration of dealing with their insurance company is even more distressing than the actual loss. Insurance Companies are in business to collect premiums, not to pay claims. Paying claims is a necessary cost of doing business, but it directly affects the Insurance Company’s financial performance. The adjuster sent by the Insurance Company to handle your claim is paid to protect the Insurance Company’s financial interests, not to protect your interests.

Many Insurance Company agents or their adjusters often discourage consumers from retaining a Professional Claims Management Firm by telling them it will only cost them money and assuring them that the Insurance Company will pay them everything they are entitled without the help of Professional Representation.

Our claim settlement record confirms otherwise. We consistently and substantially increase the amount of money recovered for our clients. The truth is, hiring a competent, Professional Claims Management Company will increase your claim settlement, not cost you money. More importantly, we will save you a significant investment of time in dealing with the adjustment process. How much your time is worth? As a business professional, you have to prioritize your time. Your investment of time in trying to handle your claim will detract from your business objectives by drawing your attention away from your core business. And the learning curve of engaging in a business that you are unfamiliar with will ultimately prove costly in both time and money.

Tricor Restoration professional claim management services will allow you to focus your attention at this most critical time on your business operation and will allow you the freedom to delegate the day to day tasks of meetings, inspections, inventory evaluations, income analyses, etc. to a seasoned claim professional.

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Feel free to contact any of our references in regards to Tricor Restoration’s performance and professionalism. Our track record and the amount of repeat business we generate from our clients shows that Tricor Restoration is the best in the business.

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